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May 1955 Our company set objectives for researching and developing mechanical carbon products and was established as Carbon Research Laboratory
May 1959 Company was renamed as Tanken Kogyo Co., Ltd, jumping to a professional industry use mechanical seal maker.
May 1964 Mechanical seal unit (for agitators) production, and establish a nationwide network of technical service.
April 1973 Mechanical carbon mass production factory is completed in Tatsunomachi, Nagano prefecture.
March 1982 Mechanical carbon product Material Centre is completed in Chigasaki, Kanagawa prefecture.
January 1986 Niigata Office was established for the expansion business of seal maintenance in Yoshida-cho, Niigata Prefecture.
October 1990 Metal manufacturing factory (Yoshikawa NC centre) is completed in Yoshikawa, Niigata Prefecture.
October 1993 Company was renamed as Tanken Seal Seiko Co.,Ltd, targeting to “Supporting service for users with safe and continuous operations”.
December 1996 ISO9001 Certificate Acquired
September 1997 General construction industry, such as Machine and facilities setup businesses are authorised.
February 2004 ISO4001 Certificate Acquired
November 2007 Kamaishi Office was established in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture since when manufacturing of Mechanical seal products begin.

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