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Supporting services for safe and continuous operation

In the past 61 years, we manufacture and sell mechanical seals which prevent the leakage of rotating machinery equipment. “Supporting services for safe and continuous operation” is our mission statement. We have 11 offices throughout Japan, 2 overseas service stations for direct sales in Shanghai China and Singapore.

We succeeded in domestic manufacture in carbon rings, the key components of mechanical seals in 1955. It serves as a hallmark of the origin of the company. Since then, we have also learned unique mechanical seal technologies and handling procedures. We are the sole maker in the world which manufactures carbon, and our users place high confidence on us.

We has been devoting to the seal trouble solutions since the inception and earned a reputation of problem solving refuge.

Our progress in carbon quality and advancement of seal technology make tremendous contribution to the maintenance of seal users. Powder-like ABC Seal is adopted widely as it prevents contamination and protects environment…

Company’s ambience has been rejuvenated by the new hires. We have been recruited about 100 graduates in the past 20 years. The retention rate is up to 95%. All of them are contributing to TANKEN group with enthusiasm and carrying the expedition to the future.

President Haruko Nagai

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