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Cartridge Master

Cartridge Master(R) is cartridge type and stationary mechanical seal. It is easy to install to some equipments. Cartrigde Master can use for the chemical pump, agitator and other rotating equipments.


(1) In stock and Instant delivery
Standard stock (see model) is delivered immediately so as to reduce the stock of spare parts. It is also useful for the rapid recovery of variable sealing problems.

(2) Stationary Structure
Spring is in stationary side structure without liquid contact, maintaining a perpendicularity with the seal surface. It is extremely effective for the old devices and for prolonging the life of mechanical seals.

(3) Compact
The smallest compact dimension in the industry. Calibre of gland packing box which is equal to 9.5mm and above can be installed.

(4) High performance sliding materials
By adopting porous SiC that are used in combination with SiC’s, it can reduces torque and enhances the protective effect of gall or seize (patent no. 1852216). F42 carbon has an excellent blister resistance and lubricity nature. F42 carbon is our independent development.

(5)No Flushing (Dead-end)
By employing low heat generation design, the pump can be operated without flushing in the pressure rage from 0~0.4MPaG.

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Stationary mechanical seals

Our company has been manufacturing Stationary Mechanical Seal since 1970, targeting at trouble shooting. We are making improvements while expanding the application of stationary mechanical seal. Today you will find our achievements on a variety of applications mainly in oil refining and petrochemical processes.


The stationary mechanical seal can absorb the distortion that due to high temperature, high pressure and poor stuffing box precision by the spring. It maintains perpendicularity of sliding surface with excellent seal performance.
In addition, because spring is placed at atmosphere side, there will be no clogging due to slurry etc., good working status is realized. Also, there are no wear and tear due to O-ring, shaft and sleeve.
Stationary Mechanical Seal is useful for prolonging the life of the seal, and it has wide range of application.

(1) Slurry Tolerable
As spring does not have liquid contact, the seal quality is retained even for slurry liquid.

(2) Old equipment support
It will not be affected by the distortion of the casing due to aging of the machine, so it is useful for counter-measurement support.

(3) Excellent heat resistance
It will not be affected by the distortion of the casing due to heat. In addition, the heat from shaft does not directly transmitted to floating packing, this thermal structure leads to excellent quality of heat resistance.

(4) Excellent pressure resistance
The pressure will not distort the casing and therefore it has excellent quality of pressure resistance.

(5) Corresponding to high-speed condition
Spring is not affected by the centrifugal forces located at the stationary side, so it is adapted for high-speed rotation use.

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Rotary Mechanical Seal


Depends on the specification conditions and application, multi-spring type and mono coil-spring type offer seals such as single, double, tandem and which meet your requirements for slurry resistance use, corrosion resistance environment use etc.
As a general-purpose seal, pump can be installed in the ISO3069 stuffing box. In addition, such as agitators, they are widely adopted. We have sizes from small to φ200 and above.

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SB seal

By placing SB seal on backup seal at the side of atmosphere, mechanical seals achieve lower cost than reservoir tank formula tandem seals in terms of security and environmental protection measurements. In addition, when you start up vertical LPG pump, even though temporary leakage happens, it cannot be stopped. Prompt launch is possible.
Furthermore, SB seal is not only used as tandem seal, since low-pressure fields unlikely leaks, for example, agitators, as its main dry seal, targeting to prevent contamination by lubricant products and reduce equipment cost , it becomes to be able to correspond to the high peripheral conditions which was impossible to handle previously.
【Patent Registration No.113552】


(1)Gas/Liquid dual support
Excellent sealing performance against gas and liquid as well.

(2) The operation is possible without N2 gas purge
N2 gas purge is not required
※Operation is possible even without N2 gas purge.

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Stationary Bellows Seal

It is a kind of stationary type of welded bellows seal which is for high temperature petroleum refining process fluid. By employing stationary structure, there is less susceptible to thermal distortion, it ensures the stable traceability, and delivers outstanding sealing performance.

Inconel 718
By adopting a standard Inconel 718 bellows core high fatigue strength, characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and spring loading is excellent.

Damper Spring
By “employing damper spring” standard to supress the resonance of bellows between bellows and baffle, stable seal performance and excellent durability are achieved.

Quenching Efficiency
As quenching seal, it adopts auxiliary seal ‘ABC Ring’ as standard seal according to split floating ring. As quench fluid flows through the baffles which are provided at inner of bellows, near the sliding surface, it has effective cooling, heat insulation and cleaning functions.

Graphite Foil
As an alternative to the synthetic rubber O-rings and PTFE packing, by employing Graphite Foil with excellent heat and chemical resistance feature, it achieves application for a wide rage of temperature. Sliding materials is replaceable because of its Graphite Foil Mount structure and keeps good precision of sliding surface even under high temperature or extremely low temperature.

Sliding Materials
Sliding Materials deliver excellent characteristics of abrasion and blister resistance by adopting SiC and hard-impregnated non-rigid carbon.

Regarding Costs
As the operation is possible even without flushing cooler in high temperature specifications, facilities cost therefore is reduced and maintenance labour-saving is improved.

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Dry Seal

To drive the mechanical seal, it is essential to put the lubricant film on the sliding surface, if seal the gas zone of top of the agitator, double mechanical seal system has been widely adopted. However, it is found that by using liquid seal, the product purity decreases due to slightly liquid leakage. In addition, the adverse effect on ancillary equipment setup and management are appointed out. Therefore, the need for dry seals is increasing. The variable dry seals developed by our company have contributed to stable quality of manufacturing processes at user side, simplicity of ancillary equipment and maintenance reduction.


(1) Free from Contamination
Since seal liquid is not employed; there will be no seal liquid contamination in the products. Therefore, it prevents contamination. In addition, the contamination of visible debris in products is significantly reduced when using gland packing. There are several achievements in PL (Product Liability method) solution for pharmaceutical and food, anti-bacteria solution.

(2) Reduced facility costs
It does not require ancillary equipment such as seal pots and circulation system for sealing liquid supply. The facility costs therefore are reduced.

(3) Reduced Maintenance
It does not require maintenance work, like gland packing retightening, and sealing liquid management, therefore, it greatly reduces the burden of daily maintenance.

(4) Response to positive and negative pressure conditions
From vacuum to positive pressure limit, it delivers excellent performance of seal.

(5) Simple Structure
It is a simple structure by deploying spring, for example, outside the machine. It helps to eliminate the jam of distillation in the vessel. In addition, the cleaning is easy to perform.

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ABC Seal

ABC Seal is mainly used as gas/powder seal in variable fields. By using ABC Seal, gas and powder leakages are prevented. Therefore, it is wildly used.
With supply of purge gas, ancillary facilities for sealing system are not required; for subtle-contact, it is possible to reduce the power consumption and prolong the seal life, it leads to reduction in running costs. In addition, since the seal parts are split configuration, seals can be exchanged without disassembling the equipment.
As an application example, seals are adopted for GL vessel, agitator and mixed flow pump.


(1) Excellent sealing performance
The volume of gas leakage is limited to the range of 1/5~1/10 of gland packing.
The volume of water leakage is limited to the range of 1/3~1/5 of gland packing.

(2) Low torque & Low Heat Generation
self-lubricating and superior wear resistance

(3) Response to Dry and Wet conditions
It can be used under almost all conditions no matter it is dry or wet condition.

(4) Abrasion tracked
It is automatically accommodate the abrasion if any, for gland packing, maintenance like retighten is not required.

(5) Long life span
Minor wear and tear, long life span. It is proved that the seal can be used more than 5 or 6 years.

(6) Shift Run-out
ABC seal can accommodate to the shaft run-out

(7) )Seal replacement without disassembling the equipment.
ABC rings are split, therefore seal parts can be replaced without disassembling the rotating machine.

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Split Master

Vertical mix-flow pumps, vertical spiral mix-flow pumps, horizontal two-axis (cantilever) pumps etc. assorted water processing pumps no water injection devices


(1) Improved integration
Previously, the integration is the weak point for almost split of the outside seals. Split master is our company’s, the embedded and convertibility of seals are greatly improved.

(2) Dismantling is not required when replacing the pump seal.
Consumable items such as "O" ring or sliding material has been cut. Vertical shaft pump and large diameter pump, as shaft sealing device, 20 percent of mechanical seal structure is required. Bearing stand and large motors which is above the seal as it is, seal replacement is possible.

(3) Possible operation in air
Our company as a carbon maker, we adopted special carbon by using our unique technology. It support full speed operation (Preceding stand-by operation) with less friction and less heat generation

(4) Non-flushing operation is possible
The non-flushing operation is possible by adopting special carbon with characters of slurry-resistance and low heat generation and stationary structure. It contributes to the airport simplification with flushing pipes and the associated electrical wiring facilities removed. Water injection costs and the burden associated with water injection maintenance are reduced. Pump operation is possible even in unforeseen circumstances such as water outage.

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